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6063-t6 round aluminum bar rod

6063 round aluminum bar rod billet has very good corrosion resistance and good anodizing quality, which is medium strength, is suitable for welding and anodizing.
Product advantages of 6063 round aluminum bar rod billet:
1. Accuracy:+/-0.02mm
 Purpose: to guarantee the automatic processing of high precision machining parts.
2. Straightness <0.3m/2.5m
Purpose: Guarantee the speed requirements>8000 rpm, no material jittery.
3. Coarse crystal ring<0.5mm
Purpose: To reduce the amount of turning by the customer, improve efficiency and reduce costs.
4. Grain control
Purpose: to ensure that the 2、5、6、7 series aluminum alloy in the hard anodizing, anodizing uniform, color bright and beautiful.
5. Turning performance improvement
To improve the processing of uniform chip, improve the processing of yards yield.

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6063 round aluminum bar6063 round aluminum rod




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