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Aluminum angle bar

Aluminum angle barWhat is the aluminium angles

-This Aluminium Angle  is available in grade 6063 T6. Known in the metal industry as an 'architectural alloy' because of its medium strength and high corrosion resistance. Aluminium angles are widely used to contain, protect, reinforce and support various surfaces whether in ceramic, glass, plaster, plastic, stone, wood or other metals. Perfect for small projects such  as: wall corners, counters and worktop edges.

6061 aluminum angle and 6063 aluminum angle bars are the most commonly used aluminum for structural applications. It has above average corrosion resistance, good machinability, and is excellent for welding. 6061 aluminum angle is heat-treatable, resistant to stress cracking and non-magnetic.

6061-T6 Angle features rounded corners and approximately twice the strength of 6063-T52 Angle.  
6063-T5 Aluminum Angle is excellent for outdoor use and architectural trim due to its superior corrosion resistance. 6063-T52 Aluminum is a softer and more formable alloy than 6061.

Chalco aluminum can produce almost all kinds of aluminum bars rods include Aluminum angle bar . We have the most complete aluminum rod mold in China.Chalco's Aluminum angle bar mould list:

pdf downloadAluminum_angle_bar_mould_list.pdf

-Alloy : 2011 , 2014 , 2017 , 2024 , 5052 5083 , 5086 , 5454 5754 6061 , 6063 6082 , 7003 , 7022 , 7050 , 7055 , 7075
-Temper:T3 , T351 , T4 T451 , T5 , T6 , T651 , T6511 , T7351 , H111 , H114 , O
-Diameter: 3mm--130mm
-Length: 1000mm--6000mm
-Features :Not good corrosion resistance, but high strength,excellent plasticity, widely used in structural materials. 

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6061 aluminum angle bar

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Aluminum angle bar stock

Product type Alloy Temper Size Contact
Aluminum angle bar 2017 2011 5086 T6 T651 T6511 2mm--130mm Contact
Aluminum angle bar 6061 7055 7075 T451 T6 T651 2mm--130mm Contact
Aluminum angle bar 6082 6082 2017 T651 T6511 T7351 2mm--130mm Contact
Aluminum angle bar 2017 6082 5454 T651 T6511 T7351 2mm--130mm Contact
Aluminum angle bar 5454 2011 5052 T651 2mm--130mm Contact
Aluminum angle bar 7075 T351 T451 T651 T7351 2mm--130mm Contact